The Elegant and Stylish Colours of The Oyster Box Hotel – Umhlanga

The Elegant Colours and Style of the Oyster Box

  It’s difficult to imagine a more perfect setting than the Oyster Box on Umhlanga’s beachfront overlooking the iconic red and white lighthouse. The luxurious hotel has a charm and nostalgia built up over the years.

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What Your Favourite Colour Says About You

What your favourite colour says about you

Colour Personality We are all unique individuals with no two people being the same, however much research has revealed that there is a link between colours we are drawn to and particular personality traits. In fact some psychologists use this research to help them get more information about their patients.

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Bedroom Before and After Colour

Bedroom Makeover Working on Spaces Magazine means I get to see the most beautiful makeovers done by wonderful stylists. This often leaves with me a dilemma because I can’t choose what I want to do in my own house.

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Michele Throssell’s journey to becoming one of SA’s top Interior Designers

Michele Throssell

I met Michele at Pietermaritzburg University, we studied Economics (yes Economics!) together. With both of us taking a creative path in our lives, I was keen to catch up with her and find out how she has become one of the most sought after interior designers in South Africa.

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