What Your Favourite Colour Says About You

Colour Personality

We are all unique individuals with no two people being the same, however much research has revealed that there is a link between colours we are drawn to and particular personality traits. In fact some psychologists use this research to help them get more information about their patients.

While your favourite colour can change depending on your age or stage of life, what is your favourite colour right now? Here’s some information on what your favourite colour says about you:-


What your Favourite Colour says about You

Photo: David Benoliel – davidbenolielphotography.comIf your favourite colour is red, you are more likely to be a leader than a follower. Red personalities are achievers, unafraid to take risks with endless amounts of energy. People who like red are passionate about life, competitive, daring and assertive. They enjoy trying new things and experiences, routine makes them crazy.

If you don’t like red: It may be that the intensity and aggression of red is too much for you to handle at this point in your life.


What your favourtie Colour says about you

Photo: Aric Yeakey. Model: Monica AdengPeople who love pink are less extroverted than those who love red, the pink personality depends on the intensity of the colour chosen. Soft pink personalities are friendly, gentle, refined and peace loving. Those drawn to the brighter pinks are more ambitious, energetic and passionate.

If you dislike pink: You find the innocence and sweetness a bit irritating but secretly long for passion.


What your favourite Colour says about you

Photo: Julia Noni – julianoni.comOrange personalities are friendly, creative, adventurous and energetic. Their original ideas, enthusiasm and charm often makes them successful in business. They have a love of life that makes them attractive to others, but their impulsive and overactive personalities, combined with their desire to always do the right thing, can leave an orange personality feeling depleted. Their “play hard, work hard” personality can make them difficult partners to live with. Orange people often need to balance their priorities.

If you dislike orange: You are not an extrovert or a big party goer. You prefer a small circle of friends and once you make friends you stay friends for life.


What your favourite Colour says about you

Black Men with Flowers – Cykeem White by Ricardo NelsonYellow people are usually intelligent, original, imaginative, creative and good communicators. They have enquiring minds and thrive on challenges. They usually hold positions of authority, head a department, or are self-employed, they also make great scientists and researchers. They are not short of words making them good speakers and journalists. Yellow people enjoy having people around and make great company. They can be controlling and if yellow personalities don’t get their way they can be nasty or vindictive.

If you dislike yellow: You are a realist, don’t like to take chances, rather than try something new you like to be assured of guaranteed results


What your favourite Colour says about you

Photo: David Benoliel – davidbenolielphotography.comGreen people seek balance and harmony in their life. They are down to earth, moral, hardworking and sensitive people. They have a strong social conscience always wanting to do the right thing and willing to help people even if it is at their own expense. They are dependable, diplomatic, efficient and conscientious workers. Green people are very sociable, neither introvert or extrovert, they make caring and loving companions and loyal friends. They are generous with their time and money and make great teachers, doctors, farmers and conservationists. Green people can be overly cautious at times.

If you dislike green, you prefer to stand out from the crowd or you could have had a bad memory from childhood. Green monsters and snakes for example.


What your favourite Colour says about you

Image: PinterestTurquoise people are imaginative and have an insight that means they are never short of fresh ideas. They have a clear sense of purpose and direction and are able to handle difficult situations without panicking. People who love turquoise are usually able to make decisions easily and with clarity. They make good communicators and are able to express themselves well. Being quite spiritual, at times they may find it difficult to make their ideas a reality.


What your favourite Colour says about you

Photo: David Benoliel – davidbenolielphotography.comBlue people are loyal, trustworthy and reliable. They strive to achieve peace and harmony in their lives. They project a non threatening energy, making people feel comfortable in their presence. Blue people are cautious when making decisions and will think something through carefully before making a decision. They are social but prefer to stick to a small close circle of friends. Blue people can become self absorbed which may cause a loss in confidence and ability to cope in certain situations. They seek order in their life and prefer working within a structure.

People who dislike blue may just be unhappy with where they are at the moment – they don’t like monotony and long for excitement.


What your favourite Colour says about you

Photo: Geoffrey Jones – threevisual.com.auPurple people tend to be spiritual beings, interested in the mystical forces beyond the physically world. They are creative and open-minded and like to express themselves in an artistic and aesthetic way. The purple personality is also practical and grounded, this could be the mixture of red and blue in this colour. They are dignified and gracious, willing to help others. They can be found in the medical profession or clergy. Their creativity makes them great leaders and teachers because they provide more than just facts and figures, they also make gifted poets, painters and musicians.

If you dislike purple, you may be more serious and cautious in what you do.


What your favourite Colour says about you

Photo: David Benoliel – davidbenolielphotography.comThe black personality is said to be worldy, intelligent and sophisticated. They are seen to be authoritative, and elegant. There can also be something to hide. Prestige, personal security and a sense of humour are very important to the person who likes black. They may also like the fact that they are seen as mysterious.

If you dislike black: You may find black too powerful and oppressive or you are not impressed by “high society’,  you are more down to earth.

My favourite colour is turquoise but it changes depending on my mood or I might crave a colour for a certain while. This often means I need that particular colour in my life. We need a balance of all colours to lead healthy lives – you can learn more about this on my blog post on Colour Therapy

Would love to hear what your favourite colour is

Have a brilliant week

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  1. I find this article very interesting, loving it. I do love some colours more than others, my favorite ones are green, red, grey, black and white. But sometimes I dislike darker green and love a more lime coloured green. But overall my favorite colour is green. I never found yellow to be my favorite colour exept in sunflowers. I dislike the colour brown overall.

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