Colour Inspiration for a Home Office you will Love

Home Office Colours

I am a big believer that your environment can inspire your work. We spend so much of our time working it makes sense to ensure your work space is an inspiring and comfortable one that reflects your personal style and needs. If you work from home then you have the opportunity to really personalize the space and while you don’t want it to be distracting, it is worth going out of your comfort zone a bit, because you can end up with something special that you will love for many years – like this jewel coloured home office by Suzanne Eason.

Tips and Colour Inspiration for a Home Office you will Love
Home Office Design by Suzanne Eason –

Here are some tips and inspiration to ensure your home office is a place you want to spend time in, as well as a space that can help you work, plan and organize effectively

Layout Considerations

The design of the space will depend on the type of the work being done. Before doing the design ask yourself these questions: What will the space be used for, what equipment is needed, how much storage is required, will you be meeting with clients, having conference calls and video conferencing. For optimum productivity you want to have a place for everything, an organized desk with pending work close at hand but a desk that is free from unorganized and chaotic piles of files.


Ideally you want to find a room in the home or space that is private from the rest of the home and free from interruptions. While you may prefer to work in the hub of things, separating your work space from the rest of the home allows for a better work and home balance.


Natural daylight contains all the colours of the spectrum which leads to better physical and mental health. Ideally your home office should have a window that allows in natural daylight, if not, then light bulbs that are closest to natural daylight are recommended. Too little light can result in depression and too much light can cause eyestrain and headaches.


Sitting all day working at your computer can have certain health risks. Ergonomics is the science of designing furniture that conforms with the work you do so that the risk of injury or stress is reduced. Investing in an ergonomically designed chair that can promote health and well-being while using it, is well worth it.

Tips and Colour Inspiration for a Home Office you will Love
Ergonomic Office Furniture –

Eco-friendly Design

It critical that as consumers and designers we consider the environment when designing spaces. Be sure that any wood used is from sustainable forestry, or is recycled. Use local resources wherever possible. Be as energy efficient as possible.


Personalize your space with photographs and pictures that inspire you. It might be a piece of art or a mood board with images that inspire and motivate you.

Colours for your Home Office.

The colours you choose for your home office will have an effect on your mood and energy levels. Each colour has an energy which affects us whether we like the colour or not. Knowing this can assist us in choosing the colours that have the energy we need, but also colours we feel comfortable with. It’s important to find a balance of colours to fit your mood and energy levels. Too much of any one colour will result in the negative effects of that colour coming through.


From dark and moody to cool and invigorating, blue is peaceful and inspirational. Add warmth to blue colour schemes with the addition of browns and tans in the furniture and accessories.

Tips and Colour Inspiration for a Home Office you will Love
Home Office by James Dale Architects –

Green is the colour most abundant in nature. It has great balancing and stress relieving effects. These qualities make it a great colour to have in the office but, beware of too much green which can make you feel too comfortable, even lazy.

Tips and Colour Inspiration for a Home Office you will Love


The colour of sunshine, yellow is bright and uplifting. It also stimulates the brain, helping us to focus and think clearly. Yellow is an attention grabber and might be distracting or overpowering if you are surrounded by too much of it.
To get the benefits of this cheerful colour use it as an accent colour. Australian architect and interior designer Robert Puksland used bright yellow on the supports holding white shelves and floating desk, giving this small study area a contemporary and happy atmosphere.

Tips and Colour Inspiration for a Home Office you will Love
Small cheerful study by Robert Puksland


This creative colour is not often used in the home but it has some wonderful qualities. Orange is a warm welcoming colour, it also gets the creative juices flowing.


Is exciting and motivating. A small amount of red will increase the energy levels in an office. Use sparingly as red can be overpowering and make you anxious.

Tips and Colour Inspiration for a Home Office you will Love
Red Accents – Design. Bonadies Architect.


Like orange, purple is a creative colour and is said to heighten our imagination and link us to our intuition. Many poets, musicians and artists like to be surrounded by purple when working.

Tips and Colour Inspiration for a Home Office you will Love
Home Office –

Neutrals and Naturals

Neutral colour schemes are calming and non distracting and the most popular colour used in most homes. Be sure to add natural materials, texture and different shades to ensure your neutral scheme is not boring.


An all white office creates a feeling of space and clarity. It can be a bit isolating for long periods, introducing some plants adds some stress relief and a closer link to nature which has been shown to increase productivity.

TipTips and Colour Inspiration for a Home Office you will Loves and Colour Inspiration for the Ideal Home Office
White Home Office –

For more inspiration on home offices colour schemes – see 10 trendy and professional home office colour schemes at

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