Feng shui – Boosting Health, Wealth and Happiness with Colour.

The Feng Shui Energy Map

While passing a second-hand book stall at a market recently, a book called The Colour Compass Book caught my eye. When I opened it, a Bagua energy map fell out and I was fascinated. I have always loved the feel of feng shui homes but I had never used an energy map. I couldn’t wait to get home and test it out.

Feng shui - Boosting Health Wealth and Happiness with Colour.

Feng Shui (wind and water) is the ancient art of creating positive energy flow, called ch’i, in the home or office. By introducing the principles of feng shui we can create a better quality of life by improving our health, wealth and general happiness.
While removing clutter and furniture placement are essential in feng shui, colour also plays an important part in shifting the energy in the home. Colour choices are based on the 5 elements – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. The feng shui bagua energy map shows you how 8 compass areas of your home are connected to the elements, colour and important aspirations in your life, like family, career and health.

Basically if there is an area of your life you would like to improve, you would enhance the area in your home/room/office that relates to that aspiration using the elements. Here is a brief explanation.


North – Career
Blue and Black
A balanced water element will bring an energy of calm, purity and freshness. Water is also a symbol of abundance and believed to attract wealth and prosperity. It is linked to career opportunities and our path in life. If you feel your life is heading nowhere, it is believed the addition of blue will get it flowing again.
Blue: Refreshes and calms the mind. Associated with peace, trust, loyalty. Supports inner reflection knowledge and creativity.
Black: Associated with power and strength. Black promotes self-confidence and independence.


East – Family and health , Southeast – Wealth
Wood is an important part of the natural world and brings the energy of health,vitality and growth. It represents what you have in life both materially and spiritually.
Green is a balancing and calming colour that connects us with nature. It is the colour of renewal and regeneration.  Green is a great emotional healer, and stress reliever. It is linked to compassion, prevents conflict and encourages sharing.
Green can bring balance to your home in two directions. Balancing family life, good relationships and health in the East area; and in the south-east it affects prosperity and wealth.
If you have a home facing east, painting your front door green would be a good option.
Refreshing shades of green are energizing. The muddier and dull tones are less positive.


South – Fame
Red, Purple, Pink, Strong Yellow and Orange
Fire is the element of energy, passion and power. A balanced fire element in your home or office will attract positive energy in your career and bring recognition. You can enhance this aspiration by strengthening the fire element in the southern part of your home/office.
Red is the Chinese colour of luck and happiness. It is the colour of marriage in India and a symbol of love and romance in the west.
Red stimulates excitement, passion and love. Beware of too much which can be overpowering and lead to irritability.
If red is too powerful for your home or office orange is a great alternative. Orange promotes creativity and is a very social colour.


Southwest (Relationships) and Northeast (education)
Yellow and Beige
In feng shui, a strong Earth element is associated with stability, crops and harvest as well as protection for all your relationships.
The colour of the sun, yellow is cheerful and uplifting, it has the ability to lift our spirits and stimulate the intellect. It harmonizes energies in the northeast of your room or home, promoting career success. Introducing yellow in the southwest encourages happy and loving relationships.
Neutrals ground and stabilize, they provide a sense of security.


West (Children) and Northwest (Mentor Luck)
White, Grey and Metallics
The metal element has a grounding strength that promotes feelings of consistency and reliability. A balanced metal element will promote calm and clarity. It is associated with the flow of money and our achievements.
A pure, protective colour that gives us space to grow and develop. It cleanses the mind, emotions and spirit and can alleviate shock and despair.
White balances the energy in two parts of the home. The west – your Children area, affecting fertility and hopes for the future. The northwest is the area of networking and enticing helpful people into your life.
Silver strengthens metal energy. Gold relates to abundance and can inspire and revitalize.

See more on how to use colours in feng shui in this video.

I have to admit the bagua energy map can be confusing,  some say the feng shui bagua application is different depending on whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere.
Compass direction aside, it’s important to have a balance of colours in your life, all colours have positive energies that can help us. The most important thing is to surround yourself with colours you like, feel comfortable with and are naturally drawn to. Painting a wall a colour you don’t like, just to boost an aspiration, is not good feng shui.

Colour should you make you happy

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