Beautiful Design Inspired by Embroidery

Beautiful Design Inspired by Embroidery

Innovative designers are highlighting how traditional crafts, like embroidery, can inspire contemporary interiors.

Here are a few of the designers I saw at London Design Festival 2018, incorporating the ancient craft of embroidery in their contemporary designs.

Naqsh Collective at The V&A

I loved the craftsmanship of this embroidery inspired artwork, by Naqsh Collective, on display at the V&A museum, part of the Jameel Prize 5 exhibit.

The founders of Naqsh Collective, Nisreen Abudail, an architect, and her sister Nermeen, a graphic designer have combined their skills to create unique pieces of art and furniture that capture Arabic traditions and aesthetics in a contemporary way.

This art piece called ‘Shawl”  has embroidery motifs inspired by the traditional dress of Arabic women. The embroidery pattern was laser-cut into walnut wood. Brass pieces were added, including tiny pieces of metal inserted into the recesses and patterns.

The Jameel Prize is an international award for contemporary art and design inspired by Islamic tradition.  The exhibition features 8 contemporary artists and  designers and is on until the 25 November 2018 at the V&A.

Ori Bespoke at Decorex

Inspired by the almost lost craftsmanship of Su Embroidery, Ori Bespoke work with silk embroidery artists from the Far East to create customized designs for home and fashion pieces.

In the image below a 100% Chinese silk hand embroidery piece is framed on the panel of this Lotus lamp.

Beautiful Design Inspired by Embroidery Inspired by Embroidery. Ori Bespoke Lotus Lamp

Meisterwerke at Decorex

Meisterwerke create unique and bespoke woven and embroidered room dividers, wall panels and artworks steeped in the grand tradition of Flemish craftsmanship.

I loved the collection called “Les Femmes de Delft” where a Delft motif is used as a tattoo on a woman’s back. The result is a striking image that combines the ancient with the contemporary.

Beautiful Design Inspired by Embroidery
Image: Anne Roselt

It is great to see that in this world of High-Tech and mass production, there are those that are keeping the beauty of good-quality handcrafted decorative products and traditions alive by combining traditional with contemporary.

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