The Therapeutic Qualities of Gold Versus Silver

Gold in Decor

Gold and silver add sparkle and interest to any décor scheme, but in addition to their beauty, they can also increase the flow of energy in the home and have a positive influence on our physical and mental wellbeing.

Gold Inspiration

Gold is linked to masculine energy and the power of the sun. It represents strength and triumph and is associated with luxury, quality, prestige and sophistication.
Optimistic and warm, gold adds richness to everything it is associated with, and from antique to shining bright – there is sure to be a gold that works for you and your scheme.
The way gold interacts with light creates eye-catching interest and adds a glittering finishing touch to a scheme.

Jonathan Adler

Depending on how brave you are, gold can be used on a variety of surfaces – from trendy feature walls and ceilings to smaller scale items like furniture and accessories.
Gold Leaf Decoration

Gold Personalities

People who love gold are said to be the “ultimate leaders” because not only are they knowledgeable and wise, but they are also willing to share their knowledge.
On the negative side, beware of too much gold which can lead to a egotistical and self-righteous temperament in the pursuit of power.

Gold in Colour Therapy

Gold is said to be the colour of forgiveness and for letting go of the past, it helps to rebuild trust and understanding.
Emotionally uplifting, introducing gold into your life can reduce feelings of depression – it is  also said to be helpful during the menopause.
Like yellow, gold increases feelings of hope and abundance, especially when you have lost something, it gives hope that things will return.
If you suffer from insomnia, a little bit of gold added to bedroom décor will help contribute to a good nights sleep and in offices gold décor is said to enhance trust and loyalty.
Physically, gold is said to help with digestive problems, rashes and skin irritations, rheumatics and underactive thyroids.

Silver Inspiration

Silver is linked to feminine energy and represents the moon which is soothing, cooling, purifying and balancing.
Silver Stencil

 Silver Personalities

Silver personalities have star-quality and natural glamour, they are intelligent and always on the go. Silver characters love the sea and like the tide they are constantly moving and changing. They love to fantasize and can be fun to have around.
On the downside they can be elusive, disconnected and temperamental.

Silver in Colour Therapy

In colour therapy silver stills the mind and calms the nerves, helping to restore equilibrium.
Like a mirror, silver reflects our mistakes and any illusions we may have. It lays bare the things we need to face and forces us to make changes where necessary.
Silver absorbs negativity and helps shine a light on a better path, free from restraints.

Mixing metallics has been trending for a while now, the mix of yin and yang complement each other beautifully. Bear in mind that too many metallic objects can be overwhelming. Be sure to create balance by including natural materials and textures in your fabrics and furnishings.

Jonathan Adler

This time of year however, you will be forgiven for going a bit overboard on gold and silver, why not test them out and let me know how they make you feel.

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