Which of these will be South Africa’s Most Beautiful Object?

This month we will find out what South Africa’s most beautiful object for 2019 is.

Each year Design Indaba invites 10 prominent South African influencers to select their choice of the most beautiful object and then invites the public to vote for a winner.

These are the 10 finalists for the Most Beautiful Object In South Africa for 2019.

River Love Sofa By Heino Schmitt Design.

Nominated by TV Personality Zuraida Jardine.

A contemporary, luxury sofa ground on solid brass and wild pear wood legs. The playful armrests have been designed to sit on and the colourful Ardmore velvet upholstery makes it very inviting. The sofa features a double USB charger, reading lamp, storage drawer and a leather magazine pouch.

Nenzima Desk by Mpho Vakier

The Urban Native African Desk
Nominated by Interior Designer Donald Nxumalo Image: Anne Roselt

I was so impressed with this desk when I saw it in Design Joburg last year and am so thrilled to see it on this list. The original designs of this Urbanative Collection of furniture are dominated by organic lines, textures and shapes inspired by historical African hairstyles.

Interdependence 11 by Houtlander

Houtlander Chair
Nominated by entrepreneur Nandi Dlepu Image: Anne Roselt

Interdependence 11 is a playful twist on the traditional love seat. The blue colour played an important part in Houtlanders design, it invites the viewer to reflect on the piece as a flowing rather than a static object.

Stellar Scintillation by Artist Chris Soal.

Chris Soal
Nominated by Radio Presenter Bridget Masinga Image: chrissoalart.tumblr.com

Made from single beer bottle-tops threaded together to create long ropes. Chris chose mainly gold bottle tops which are symbolic of the city of Johannesburg – known as the city of Gold.

The piece raises questions about value, labour, consumption and currency.

Sounds of Sibikwa by Artist Usha Seejarim

Sounds of Sibikwa by Artist Usha Seejarim
Nominated by Market Theatre Foundation CEO Ismail Mahomed. Image: designindaba.com

A wind chime made from aluminium tubes of various sizes in the silhouette of a dancer in a split stretch. The piece was commissioned by and for the Sibikwa Arts Centre in Benoni.

African Bridal Dress by Mzukisi Mbane.

Mzukisi Mbane African Bridal Dress
Nominated By TV Presenter Bonnie Mbuli

Founder of the lifestyle brand Imprint ZA, Mzukisi wanted to celebrate the continents diversity . The Afro-futuristic wedding dress with a South African Victorian style silhouette and Asian inspired eclectic print screams African.

Nominated by Popular host of Afternoon Express on SABC 3, Bonnie Mbuli, who loved the colours, print as well as the majestic and cheeky nature of the dress..

OKAPI x Capsule – Yemasa by OKAPI

Yemasa by OKAPI
Nominated by Style Guru Felipe Mazibuko; Image:designindaba.com

OKAPI collaborated with prominant artists – famous knitwear designer MAXHOSA BY LADUMA and music artist RIKY RICK on it’s first unisex capsule collection. A multi-functional strap allows the piece to be worn around the waist, cross body on the shoulder or as a clutch.

I am a big fan of man bags, so I don’t need to carry the cell phone, wallet and keys. I sure hope this trend gets traction – thanks OKAPI

Copper & Glass Kettle by Ebert Otto

Ebert Otto Kettle
Nominated by Sumien Brink, Editor in Chief, Visi.

Created by Industrial Engineer Ebert Otto, the kettle was funded and supported by Innovus at the University of Stellenbosch. The beauty and ingenuity of of the kettle caught the eye of Sumien Brink – Editor in Chief at Visi magazine who also felt it had the possibility to create a number of jobs for South Africans.

Collective Amnesia by Koleka Putuma

Collective Amnesia Book of Poems
Nominated by Jay Pather from the Siwela Sonke Dance Theatre.

Collective Amnesia is a collection of poems exploring blackness, womanhood and history. The book is in its 9th print run was named 2017 book of the year by city press and one of the best books of 2017 by Sunday Times.

Cancer Dojo App by Conn Bertish

Cancer Dojo App
Nominated by Tabatha King from King James Group

Conn Bertish designed an app intended to help cancer sufferers though their cancer treatment. Encouraging and informative, the app empowers patients to fight back using various simple and user friendly lifestyle choices.

The winner will be announced at the Design Indaba Festival on from 27th Feb to the 1st March 2019. Until then you can still vote for your favourite by clicking here.

To see previous winners of the most beautiful click here Beautiful Object in South Africa.

Have a beautiful week.

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