The Best Colours For Babies Rooms & Nurseries

Of all the rooms in the home to decorate, the babies room or nursery is the most joyful and special.

Something to think about when selecting your paint colours or wall paper, is the significance colours have on our body and mind. Each colour has an affect on us whether we like the colour or not.

Here are some Colour Sense tips to welcome and give your baby the best start in life.

Colour Therapy for Babies

The Best Colours For Babies Rooms & Nurseries

Every colour sends out high or low colour vibrations that have an affect on us. Red has the slowest vibration and its energy is warming and stimulating. This is followed by Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and finally Violet – which has the fastest vibration and its energy is cooling and cleansing.

When Babies See Colour

According the the American Optometric Society, babies start exploring the wonders of the world with their eyes from birth.

While vision is blurry during the first few weeks, it significantly improves during the first few months and by five months babies have good colour vision, albeit not as sensitive as an adults.


The Best Colours For Babies Rooms & Nurseries
Jessica Alba’s Babies Room – Image: Designed By;

A monochrome scheme creates a serene and contemporary gender-neutral look but can look and feel a bit cold. Add warmth and comfort with texture and natural colours. These could include, raw wood accents, a wool carpet, soft natural fabrics and a healthy pot plant.

Stimulating colours can be introduced in toys and mobiles as the babies colour vision develops – after the first month.

Ethereal Pastel Colours

Soft, pastel colours are in keeping with pastel shades found in the aura during the first years of babies life.

The Best Colours For Babies Rooms & Nurseries
Design: Tuft and Trim. Mural:

Babies need their sleep, so you can’t go wrong creating a room that has soft colours that are peaceful, soothing and comforting.

Exciting Bright Colours

Bright and intense colours like red, yellow and orange have more energizing vibrations, which can be overstimulating for a babies room.

For this reason it’s not advisable to paint the walls bright colours like Red, Orange or Yellow. Rather keep the walls neutral and add bright accents to create interest.

The Best Colours for Babies Rooms and Nurseries
Image: Design: Sam Scarborough

While red causes, excitement and tension, blue produces an increased sense of well-being and calmness, so it can be used successfully as a wall colour especially when combined with natural colours to add warmth.


Calming Green

Green vibrations are soothing and calming both mentally and physically.

Green is especially relaxing on the eyes as they do not need to strain to see the colour, as such, green vibrations are said to help with vision chemicals that help the acuteness of sight.

In addition, shades of green are known to help with allergic reactions like hay fever.

The Best Colours For Babies Rooms & Nurseries

Nurturing Naturals

Introducing colours and textures linked to Mother Earth, creates an environment that feels safe and secure for your little bundle.

The Best Colours For Babies Rooms & Nurseries

Image: Design: Sam Scarborough

A mixture of textures like wool, velvet, unpainted wicker and wood creates a nest like environment. You can always add an accent colour for added interest.

The presence of natural colours lends a sense of security and reduces irritability.

Balancing Complementary Colours

Combining colours which lie opposite each other on the colour wheel will balance and enhance a scheme. Red and blue-green, yellow and violet, blue and orange are complementary colours.

The Best Colours For Babies Rooms & Nurseries

Green and Blush – Image:

As featured in this beautiful nursery by Emily Henderson where blush (a tint of red) is used together with shades of green.

Forever Eco-Conscious

Interiors that are eco-conscious and sustainable are not only good for the environment but good for baby too.

Ensure the paint and materials you choose have low VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Choose wood for floors and furniture that has been ethically sourced or recycled. When it comes to textiles, natural fabrics like linen and wool are kinder for the environment.

Instead of buying all new furniture, check whether you have anything that could be up-cycled. This goes for toys too, recycled or handmade toys are often the most loved.

The Best Colours for Babies Rooms and Nurseries

Image: Design: Sam Scarborough

Colours have both positive and negative interpretations, we need a balance of all colours to live a healthy balanced life. When unsure stick with your favourite colours and use other colours as accents.

By using the energy in colour you can create a room that is not only lovely to look at but also lovely to live in.

Enjoy this wonderful and exciting time and have a beautiful week.

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