Life’s Too Short For Boring Lighting

Life's Too Short For Boring Lighting
Image: Anne Roselt

There was nothing boring about the lighting showcase at Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW). 

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, CDW was a buzz with exciting launches, talks and installations all around London’s EC1 district.

First stop on the pink design trail was the lighting exhibition, held in an old nightclub. The creative designs were a highlight of the festival and these are just a taste of the many beautiful installations that caught my eye.

Bringing Ideas To Light

On entering the old club, Imagin lighting set the tone for the exhibition with their beautiful bespoke and signature collection of contemporary, minimal and geometric lighting designs.

Life's Too Short For Boring Lighting
Image: Anne Roselt

Materials include marble, brass and glass, in contemporary designs inspired by architecture and mid-century design.

Life's Too Short For Boring Lighting
Image: Anne Roselt

Scandinavian Form and Function

Swedish lighting company ateljé Laykton, has been producing luminaries for public environments for over 80 years, collaborating with a wide range of renowned designers.

The Hood light is the ideal solution for open plan spaces, functioning both as a light source and a sound barrier, helping to define more intimate areas. The light is made of moulded polyester felt.

ateljé Lyktan
ateljé Lyktan. Image: Anne Roselt

The Formation light was designed in the UK in collaboration with ateljé using a simple click in technique. The light bars connect horizontally from each side to produce stunning patterns in the ceiling.

Life's Too Short For Boring Lighting
Image: Anne Roselt


Ateljé Layktan. Image: Anne Roselt

Life's Too Short For Boring Lighting
Image: Anne Roselt

Dawn To Dusk

Life's Too Short For Boring Lighting
Image: Anne Roselt

Haberdashery’s  Dawn to Dusk lamp display was a favorite, such a brilliant design. 

The lamps capture the colors of the rising and setting sun by transitioning from deep red, to orange, yellow and finally white.    


Inspired by Pebbles

Taking inspiration from pebbles, Graypants used the shapes of real pebbles, scaled up to create these beautiful shades. The environmentally friendly brand uses recycled cardboard, laser cut at different angles to give the luxurious designs beautiful texture and colour.

Graypants Eco-friendly lighting
Graypants Lighting. Image: Anne Roselt


ARKKI Skirt & Drum lamps are another eco-friendly brand made from corrugated cardboard in custom colours or with wood veneer tops. The lightweight lamps comes flat packed as a fan, which form a shade when opened and the ends are joined.  

The white inside of the lampshade reflects the light while the folded structure allows for a “pearl necklace” to shine between the folds.

AKKRI Skirt and Drum
AKKRI Skirt lamp. Image:Anne Roselt

Life’s Too Short For Boring Lighting

The company who coined the phrase “Life is too short for boring lighting” at the exhibition, as well as the the title of this blog post was the trendy Belgian company Wever Ducré.

Their range of state-of-the-art LEDs can feel at home in any cosy apartment or the hippest club in the city.

Life's Too Short For Boring Lighting
Image: Anne Roselt

Inspired by Jewellery

London-based lighting studio Luum presented their 2019 collection which included the Bangle LED. Suspended from ceiling to floor the arresting installation was a showstopper.

Constructed by a series of pyramids locked together in a scattered formation. The sculptural design has diffused LED strips within each triangular form. 

Luum Clerkenwell Design Week
Luum Clerkenwell Design Week. Image: Anne Roselt

A great show and definitely one I hope to visit again next year.

Have a wonderful week

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