E-Design – The Convenience of Online Interior Design

Now more than ever we need our homes to uplift our spirits and inspire us and while using an interior designer may sound like a luxury, we can actually save you money. Through careful planning, sourcing and allowing you to visualise a space, costly mistakes can be avoided.

What’s more, it’s never been easier with many interior design companies offering convenient, affordable E-Design services.

Interior Design Online Bedroom Makeover

What is E-Design and is it for you?

E-Design is the buzz word for virtual or online interior design. It’s all about making interior design services more accessible and convenient. It is still a true collaboration between the designer and client but one done virtually which saves time and money.

So, if this sounds like you, collaborating with an interior designer online may just be what you need.

  • you enjoy decorating but your room is just not coming together, you need some help with the design scheme.
  • you want to change the wall finish but worried it might look terrible
  • there are so many furniture options, you’re not quite sure where to start
  • you wish you could visualise the space before you begin

How E-design works and what’s included

E-design packages differ depending on which interior designer you go with, but this is more or less the process:

  • A Questionnaire: To ensure the design reflects your personality and lifestyle, you fill in a questionnaire which gives the designer a good feel of your space including your likes and dislikes. The questionnaire is submitted together with photos of your room, any furniture you want to keep as well as the room measurements.
  • Research: (Don’t stress this is where we come in!) Depending on which package you choose, once the brief is clear it is usually followed by a LOT of research into possible solutions to your requirements, it includes space planning, sourcing, developing a concept and mood board.
  • Mood board presentation: This gives you a good idea of the style of the space. It highlights the colours, textures, patterns as well as furniture and accessories. With my Furniture Sourcing and Room Makeover packages I offer two mood boards so that we can collaborate on the final design direction.
  • Final presentation: This will really depend on which designer or package is chosen. To give you some idea these are the E-Design services I offer.

Package 1Colour VisualisationOne Room, Four Looks

Want to visualise what your room will look like with a new paint colour, finish or wallpaper?

With this option you fill in a short questionnaire, send a photo of the room with the wall or walls you looking to change and I will give you four possible options to consider together with the names of the paint colours and wallpaper.

Interior Design One Room Four Looks

Package 2Furniture Sourcing – Concept and Mood Board

Creating a concept helps define the colours, textures and mood of a space. With this in mind sustainable furniture and finishes are sourced and presented on a mood board. Two options are supplied with this option.

Once again, you would answer a questionnaire which acts as a brief from which furniture and finishes are sourced.

Design Services Furniture Mood Board

Package 3Room MakeoverPerspective Render

Here you fill in a questionnaire, following which two mood boards are created with suggested colours, textures and furniture. We collaborate on the final selection and a design layout is done. You receive the layout plus two perspective renders.

Design Services Bedroom Makeover

E-design is a very accessible and convenient way to update your home. It also has relatively quick turnaround times, usually within a week.

For more information please visit my website anneroselt.com and go to Design Services.

Have a great week x

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