The Colourful Beach Cottages of Mossel Bay

Colourful Beach Cottages of Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay Beach Cottages Mossel Bay in the Western Cape is a popular tourist destination situated on the shores of the Indian Ocean about half way between between Cape Town (in the Western Cape) and Port Elizabeth in the (Eastern Cape).

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Colour for the Soul in Nairobi, Kenya

Colour Inspiration Nairobi, Kenya Always on the look out for colour inspiration, I was excited when a friend invited me to Nairobi for a few days. With just a short amount of time I never realized there was so much to do and see in Nairobi and what an effect it would have on me. Here are the highlights of my trip.

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12 of Durban’s Art Deco Buildings you will just Adore

My home the coastal city of Durban South Africa is well known for its magnificent beaches, hotels, world class shopping and diverse cultures that are steeped in history. What you may not know, is that hidden between the high rise buildings and residences are some of the most incredible Art Deco buildings dating back to the […]

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