What the Colours you Wear Say About You


The colours you wear The colours we wear have an impact on our mood and how we feel, they also tell the world a little bit about us. While we all have our favourite and feel good colours that suit our personality and skin tone, understanding the effects different colours have can help you feel […]

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The link between Colour Therapy, Chakras and your Decor

Colour Therapy Colour Therapy is a holistic therapy with evidence dating back thousands of years. We are surrounded by colour but are rarely aware of the profound effect it has on us physically and emotionally. Colour Therapy harnesses the energies of light and the colours of the spectrum to correct any imbalances and bring the […]

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10+ Examples of Rich and Regal Purple Walls.

Purple If you’re tired of grey, feeling tense, lacking creativity and motivation or looking for spiritual direction, you might find yourself drawn to the colour purple. Purple is linked to spirituality as well as inspiration, tolerance and mental balance.

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