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Bedroom Before and After Colour

Working on Spaces Magazine means I get to see the most beautiful makeovers done by wonderful stylists. This often leaves with me a dilemma because I can’t choose what I want to do in my own house. Continue reading “Bedroom Before and After Colour”

10 Hygge Touches For Your Home This Winter
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10 “Hygge” Touches to Cosy up your Home this Winter

Hygge a buzz word that’s been around for a while, but if you haven’t heard of it, Hygge – pronounced hue-guh – is a Norwegian word meaning well-being. It is used to describe the Danish culture of celebrating what we already have and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Homes have a warm, cosy atmosphere where you can relax, eat comfort food and enjoy the company of friends and family. Continue reading “10 “Hygge” Touches to Cosy up your Home this Winter”

Theory and Therapy

The link between Colour Therapy, Chakras and your Decor

The link between Colour Therapy, Chakras and your Decor

Colour Therapy is a holistic therapy with evidence dating back thousands of years. We are surrounded by colour but are rarely aware of the profound effect it has on us physically and emotionally. Colour Therapy harnesses the energies of light and the colours of the spectrum to correct any imbalances and bring the body back into harmony, restoring health and well-being. Continue reading “The link between Colour Therapy, Chakras and your Decor”

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Indigo Blues and Forest Greens at Decorex Cape Town

Entering Decorex Cape Town last week, I was subconsciously expecting to see a lot of classy, elegant black stands. Black and grey have been designer favourites at the show for a while. This was not the case at Decorex Cape Town, I walked into the show and my eyes nearly popped out when the stand in front of me – Mr Price – was eye candy in beautiful Indigo blues, with accents of green, gold and copper.

Continue reading “Indigo Blues and Forest Greens at Decorex Cape Town”

Trends and Travel

8 Autumn Paint Colours and Interiors Inspired by Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017-2018 has just come to an end and what’s evident this season is that while comfort is important, fashion is still about having fun with colour and glamour. The same can said about our homes, comfort is important but we should have fun with colour and make our homes authentic and reflect our individual style. And, it’s easy to have fun with the multitude of colours and trends to choose from.

8 Autumn colours for interiors from Paris Fashion Week
Paris Fashion Week Fall 2017 – Hermés – Image Source: Interior Image Plascon 2017 Colour Forecast –

Here are 8 colours from the catwalk that look just as good on walls as they do on the models. All the paint colours are from the  Plascon 2017 Colour Forecast. Continue reading “8 Autumn Paint Colours and Interiors Inspired by Paris Fashion Week”

Colour Sense, Theory and Therapy

There’s more to Crystals and Minerals than their Beauty

Welcome to my new blog! Still some tweaks to be done but I couldn’t wait to send out my first post. 

My mission with this site is to make choosing colours fun and easy by making sense of colour. There is no denying colour makes the world a beautiful place but when it comes to using it personally and in our homes we tend to play it safe. I have learnt that when you understand colour and it’s meaning you feel more confident to use it making your life happier and healthier.
I am passionate about the environment, so what better way to kick off my site than with a post about the natural world’s magnificent Crystals and Minerals which not only look beautiful but have amazing colour balancing energy. I hope you enjoy. Continue reading “There’s more to Crystals and Minerals than their Beauty”