About Anne

Hi, thanks for visiting, my name is Anne and I am an International Trends and Colour Design Consultant based in Durban, South Africa.

It has always amazed me how colours have the ability to not only make a place look more beautiful, but can make a difference in our lives. Colour makes us happy, it affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. Many of us take colour for granted or are scared to use it. So my mission with this site is to highlight the beauty of colour, make sense of it and hopefully inspire confidence in choosing colours for a happier life and home.

A little history
So how did I get into this you may wonder? Well, I first realized the power of colour and paint when I joined one of South Africa’s biggest paint companies, over 20 years ago. I fell in love with paint on a paint effect workshop we sponsored with Garden & Home Magazine – paint effects were brand new in South Africa at the time. I was not alone, soon we were running monthly workshops around the country. I got pretty good at the techniques and the teacher – a decorative artist from London – invited me to join her team. I broke service for a few years to join Angel interiors London as a decorative painter, working on commissions from a manor house in Canada to the late King Hussein’s Palace in Jordon. What struck me with the makeovers we did, was how colour did not just change the look of a room but the entire energy and way you felt in a room. I had to find out why.

I decided to study colour therapy and received a diploma in Colour Therapy for Interiors from the Holistic Design Institute. Later I was fortunate to spend a few days and learn from world-renowned colour therapist, Theo Gimbel. Armed with the knowledge I had gained and back in South Africa, I rejoined my company and launched a paint effects range including metallics and also launched the first colour trend Forecast in South Africa – back in 1999 – the first of it’s kind in South Africa.

In 2001 I was invited to join the trend panel of the London based International Colour Authority (the biggest and most respected trend forecasting company at that time) and later I became a panel member of Colour Hive (a spin off of ICA) which produces the trend publication The Mix. I left the corporate world a few months ago but during my time there I did what ever I could to promote colour and make people aware of it. I started National Colour Day, the Colour Design Awards for students and arranged sponsorship for the first Decorex exhibition in South Africa. I have been involved in the launch of huge colour systems and small bespoke palettes for customers. I have commissioned colour apps and colour websites.
I also started the first decor decor magazine dedicated to colour and paint. Spaces magazine grew from a yearly publication to a quarterly.

The future
I was excited to start this blog a few months ago, another platform to share and learn about colour. I am inspired by the environment and have a passion for the ocean too. I hope in some small way I can make a difference in protecting it. Watch this space.

For consultations on colour or just a chat please see my contacts page.

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