Hi, thanks for visiting this colour and lifestyle blog, my name is Anne and I am a specialist colour consultant, blogger and founder of Colour Sense.
Having spent over 20 years working with colour and trends in the paint industry, I am passionate about the ability the right colours have to make a product, space or person look and feel incredible.

How I got here

When I joined the marketing department of one of South Africa’s biggest paint companies, over 20 years ago, I knew knew very little about paint and took colour for granted. It didn’t take me long however, to discover the trans-formative power of colour while working on decor shoots and running paint technique courses and a new beautiful world opened up to me. I became intrigued with colour and what you can achieve with paint.

When an opportunity presented itself to join Angel interiors London as a decorative painter, I jumped at it. Working on commissions from a manor house in Canada to the late King Hussein’s Palace in Jordon. What struck me with all the makeovers we did, was how the colours not only changed the look of a space but the profound affect it had on the way you felt in it.

My fascination with the power of colour led me to London, where I was fortunate to study Colour Therapy and learn from world-renowned colour therapist, Theo Gimbel. I gained a Diploma for Colour Therapeutics for Interiors from the Iris School of Colour Therapy.  Armed with the knowledge I had gained and back in South Africa, I rejoined my company and launched a paint effects range including metallic’s and also launched the first colour trend Forecast in South Africa – back in 1999 – the first of it’s kind in South Africa.

In 2001 I was invited to join the trend panel of the London based International Colour Authority (the biggest and most respected trend forecasting company at that time) and later I became a panel member of Colour Hive (a spin off of ICA) which produces the trend publication The Mix. I started the Colour design Awards in South Africa and have commissioned Colour Apps and Websites.

Determined to share what I had learnt about colour I  launched the first decor magazine dedicated to Colour called Spaces and have done numerous talks for businesses and students on colour and colour therapy.

Professional Bio

Anne is a specialist colour consultant, blogger and founder of Colour Sense. With a B Comm in Marketing and Economics her life took a turn when she discovered the power of colour while working for a paint company over 20 years ago. She has a diploma in Colour Therapeutics for Interiors and has been a panel member for International Colour Trend associations including The Mix since 2000.  She launched the first Colour Forecast in South Africa in 1999 and went on to launch the first decor magazine dedicated to Colour called Spaces.  Anne has given talks and run colour training courses in South Africa, Dubai, Japan and Indonesia. She was a judge on SABC 3’s Win a Home Show in 2015 and 2016.

Anne is inspired by the environment and is passionate about the ocean, which is where you will find her whenever she gets the chance.

The future
I was excited to start this blog a few months ago, another platform to share and learn all I can about colour. I am inspired by the environment and have a passion for the ocean too. I hope in some small way I can make a difference in protecting it. Watch this space.

For consultations on colour or just a chat please see my contacts page.

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