The Benefits of Coloured Crystals in Your Home

The balancing effect of crystals and minerals in life and decor
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Just like colour therapy lots has been written about crystal healing and the profound effect they can have on our physical, emotional and spiritual well being.  When we are healthy and happy energy flows freely through our body but when something bad emotionally or physically happens, the energy becomes blocked resulting in physical or emotional pain. Crystals are an example of perfect balance and harmony and can help to get this energy flowing freely again and bring the body into balance.
The benefits of some of the crystals are described below but it is important to remember that each of us is unique and just like colour we all respond to specific crystal energy in our own individual way. When choosing a crystal it is important to trust your intuitive instincts to select the stone that will work for you.


White stones help to stimulate the energy in the body and help bring the body back into balance
Clear Quartz –Clear quartz usually recognized with long sides and a point at one end. When a piece of quartz is held in the palm of the hand with the point facing the body, it has the ability to energize. When the point faces away from the body it releases unwanted energy. Clear quartz is used to cleanse and purify the energy in the home. You can also program the crystal with thoughts and energy you want it to hold.
Moonstone –Moonstone has a soft, translucent white appearance which shows glimmers of blue, pink or yellow depending on the light. It is used widely by woman in India as it helps with female reproduction, PMT and menstrual pain.  Moonstone is said to help balance emotional stress and help relieve stress and tension.


Dark stones have a grounding and protecting effect on human energy.
Smokey Quartz – Smokey quartz is a translucent crystal that varies in colour from a golden brown to  almost black. Smokey quartz absorbs energy rather than radiating it, it is useful to focus energy internally, it helps to calm stabilize the mind and body.

There's more to Crystals and Minerals than their Beauty
Smoky Quartz Crystal at Cecile & Boyd, Durban. Image Source: Anne Roselt


Crystals get their colour from substances contained in the crystal which distort the light passing through it. I will write more about this in future colour theory posts. Red stones have an energizing and warming effect.
Garnet – Garnets are best for giving energy to the body, garnets are placed on the body where there is an area of stagnant energy in order to get that energy flowing again.
Ruby – The ruby is used to balance the heart and everything related to the heart. As well as improving physical symptoms like poor circulation, rubies also help us on a mental and emotional level, they help with self-esteem and our relationship with others.


Pink stones help with emotional levels of stress. As the colour of unconditional love pink  also helps with compassion and calms aggression and fear.
Rose quartz – Emotional stress often becomes trapped in the body and can lead to physical and emotional discomfort. Rose quartz helps to unblock emotional stress and get energy flowing again. It can also help build self-esteem.

Rose Quartz Crystal
Rose Quartz Wallpaper – Image source


Carnelian – Iron Oxides give this stone its orange glow. Carnelian has a gentle soothing energy, particularly where emotional stress has affected the physical body negatively.


Yellow stones help reduce tension in the solar plexus region encouraging a positive attitude and building self-confidence. Yellow stones encourage optimism and clarity.
Citrine – Citrine is a healing stone, warming and soothing. It helps calm the digestive and nervous system, helping to clear out minds and improve our concentration and memory. It too, assists with building self-confidence and optimism, helping us to overcome fears and giving confidence to pursue our goals and ambitions.


Green stones and crystals have balancing and calming qualities which help us to find harmony with the world around us. They are linked to the heart chakra and help us feel more positive about going for our dreams and desires. It is also said to be an aphrodisiac, probably based on its symbolism of fertility.
Jade – Jade is a grounding stone, making us more aware of our intellectual and physical capabilities.
Emerald – Balances the heart and brings calm by removing unnecessary worries

The Balancing Energy of Crystals and Minerals in Life and Design
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Happiness is one of the greatest healers there is. Turquoise helps to stimulate the bodies own protective energies. It also helps to build confidence, protecting you from negativity. Turquoise harmonizes the heart and the throat chakra and this helps improve expression and communication.
Aquamarine – Is energizing and purifying, it is good for stimulating the immune system and helps recovery. Aquamarine also helps with expression of our individuality and uniqueness.


Blue stones  are linked to the throat chakra, which is linked to our communication and expression. When we are unable to express ourselves we have a build up of energy that can result in anger and aggression. Blue energy helps to release this pressure build up due to a block in the energy flow and helps get this energy flowing again.
Lapis Lazuli – Lapis has Cooling and cleansing qualities that stimulate the throat, helping us to be more receptive to outside information and communication. It can be very helpful to shy people and others in the communication business like teachers and singers.



Balancing Energy of Crystals and Minerls in Life and Design
An Amethyst Geode is the inspiration for an ambitious hotel design in China, proposed by Dutch studio NL Architects. Image Source –

Belonging to the quartz family amethyst is both calming and balancing. It is very helpful in times of worry, stress and grief helping to calm the mind. Amethyst is useful in meditation and is said to help with insomnia. Wearing it is said to help bring you calmness and inner peace. It also helps clear the mind and connect you to your true passion with creativity coming from a spiritual place. Rub an amethyst across your head to help with a headache, or put a small piece under your pillow to help with insomnia.
There is so much more to crystals and minerals, if you are looking for more inspiration or information you can check out my Crystals and Minerals board on Pinterest.

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